… feel a beauty of the Elena Balkan …

The town of Elena is situated in a beautiful hollow in the valley of the Elena river, flanked in the north by the Elena hill and in the south of Balkan Mountain.

The climate is mild-continental with average annual temperature of 10.6C. Summer is cool, winter is mild and snowy; beautiful nature and clean environment; young coniferous and thick broad - leaved woods variegated by glades; rivers - Veselina (with the built artificial lake Yovkovtsi next to it), Barzitsa, Brezovitsa and Stara reka, which form a thick river net, and in their waters - there are chubs, perches, white amur, carps, Balkan trout, etc.

In the region there is concentration of great number of monastiries and churches - The Kapinovski Monastery, the Plakovski monastery "St.Iliya", the Maryan Monastery, churches "St. Nikola", "The Assumption" and other historical, cultural and architectural remains of early - christian temples, capitals, ancient fortresses, Roman roads, 146 registered cultural monuments, 7 of them of national importance, in the close of natural parks and reserves. The region is a climate - health resort and it offers rich opportunities for ecological, country-and ski-tourism.

The family Hadji Metsov`s house is contiguous with the Ethnographic complex and the centre of town which is famous for its traditions and culture of the Bulgarian national Revival.

Near the house is a large complex with pool and tennis court, and many pubs. "The Hadji Metsov House" has two suites and three double rooms with extra beds - 19 beds. Each suite and room have TV, Wi Fi, fridge and bathroom. The guests is a summer barbecue-terrace, spacious garden and parking places. Guest Hadji Metsov House offers dining, a tavern. It has a separate kitchen with oven, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, cable TV. For cozy comfort and contributes to a fireplace. The house is heated. Visitors of Hadji Metsov House can immerse themselves in the Renaissance atmosphere, while not deprived of modern conditions of modern life.